Brave Americans Demanding a Government of Responsibility & Service


When this organization was first being conceived; B.A.D.G.E.R.S. was going to represent Brave Americans Demanding Government Employees Receive Sentences.  We still believe the sentiment is accurate but knew it might be perceived as harsh.  Therefore, We have have kept B.A.D.G.E.R.S. but modified it to represent Brave Americans Demanding A Government of Responsibility and Service.

This website is designed to be an open forum for citizens of the United States of America, as well as, Federal, State and Local Government Employees and Foreign Visitors. 

Our main objective is to make a positive and productive stand for the American people in regards to the government being out of control, failing to be accountable to the citizens of this country, and not being held accountable to the same laws they create and enforce upon the general population. 

Our position has nothing to do with party.  In our opinion, neither party has followed the precepts of this great nation or the Constitution.  They have become too involved in their internal power struggles, name calling, political spin (lying about the underlying facts), and pandering to power brokers.  They have completely forgotten about the citizens they represent and are, supposedly, accountable to for their actions and behavior.  Frankly, neither party seems to care about the average citizen.  Instead, they are catering to fanatics, extremists and mega-corporations.

We invite you enter with an open mind and intellectual thought, leaving emotionalism and Dogma at the door.  Our goal is to spark thought, create change, and promote positive community progress.  Some of our ideas and opinions might be controversial but any controversy is designed to inform, spark new thoughts and create growth, not to inspire hatred or prejudice.  We leave those negative attributes to the professionals, like our current crop of politicians, Republican and Democrat.

We hope you enter our website and review our ideas, opinions and suggestions.